Layers Shifted

Description of the problem: A prominent shifting from one layer to another

Material: Any type of material.

Settings: Standard

Possible Causes:

  1. Some parts during printing of distinct and thin sharp edges may curl up and interfere with the extruder on subsequent layers such that the x or y stepper motor will stall and lose its position co-ordinate.
  2. Loose belts can result in the belt jumping a tooth, normally this will be recognizable as all layers will have poor resolution but the one layer where the tooth jumper will be distinctly shifted.
  3. The Quick Change Build Plate shifted during printing, can occur by touching during printing.
  4. The part did not adhere well to the Quick Change Build Plate
  5. Loose grub screws on the belt pulley of suspect axis 


  1. Inspect and analyse your part geometry for any abnormal or unusual geometries at the layer/point of shift. This may require reprinting of part and closely watching as printer produces the layer in question.
  2. Tighten belt as per this article "Tension the Belts"
  3. Avoid any physical contact with 3d printer as it produces parts
  4. Confirm proper temperature and Spray adhesive application as per Article "Print does not stick to the bed surface
  5. The grub screws are least likely but can be checked by "jogging the axis" and resisting the movement by holding by hand, if you see the motor shaft turn without the pulley turning then tighten slightly the grub screws with your 1.5mm hex tool
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